Una Travesia Entretejida

Marcela diaz

25 February 2015 - 25 May 2015

The textile work of  Marcela Diaz is woven from tradition: the memory of sisal takes new paths as a sculpture installation. The history of the material reflects on the problems facing the present, emerges a contemporary dialogue with a textural memory; grammar takes up new themes, the remnants, the conflicts faced by the artist, the secret history and history of life... yes, life without speaking of the life, recounting the moments that reflect the desire itself and, in the sum of those images, discover another story through the sculptures.

Marcela Diaz, a native of Merida Yucatan Mexico. Born in 1961 and studied in Cholul, Yucatan, Mexico with the teacher Gerda Gruber at the Gruber Jez Foundation. As a sculptor, she begins in 2005 and since then has appeared in more than 40 groups and 10 solo exhibitions in Mexico, Europe, USA and Latin America. Although she has been worked in different materials such as bronze, wood, glass resin, ceramics etc.  Sculptures using different natural fibers such as sisal, coconut, and cotton are now her signature medium.