daniel lezama

21 April 2016- 02 July 2016


    The works of Daniel Lezama (Mexico City, 1968) that are shown at the Fundación de Artistas/ Mérida, amount to a body of work comprising paintings and oil on paper monotypes, that showcases the neo-Romantic temperament of the artist in the past few years: the images bespeak a mediated connection between a Mexican and a universal vision in a time outside of time, between art as testimony sourced in the flesh, and as artifact or device in reference to a technological approach to the generation of primal energies. These images also tell the story of the labours of love as an affirmation of vitalism, and offer allegorical narratives embodying the exchange of the sublimated forces of nature between the interior of the character/subject, and the outside world. In certains works, we also find the recurrent iconography of the body that finds itself dreaming, in a trance, and in ecstasy; of the key role of wilderness and garden in the history of civilization; of desire, and of the encounter with otherness.

Ultimately, the confrontation with the work of Daniel Lezama is a special opportunity to decipher these coded, ambiguous, polisemic, disquieting images, that are neither canonic nor standardized, and that offer themselves to us as exhuberant fictions that depend on us alone to partake of our reality.

Erik Castillo

Photograph - Gerardo Valadez